• International Conference on Embedded System
    Automotive & Avionics
    Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)
    On September 21st & 22nd, 2016

About embedasia 2016

Embedded Technology and What Lies Ahead

Embedded technology in India is growing rapidly & it is maturing at a faster pace not only in terms of size but in terms of technological advancement. Embedded technology is widely used in automotive, medical, Telecom, Process control, toys, defence, aircrafts & domestic appliances. Designing embedded systems is unique in the sense that the traditional borderline between hardware and software vanishes here.

Research in embedded systems is exciting as it cuts across traditional research areas in computer science such as computer architecture, compiler, operating system, network, and software engineering. Companies are moving ahead with this technology for making product technologically latest with lower cost.

We take pride in introducing the Centre for Embedded Intelligence ( CFEI ), a joint centre of excellence in the field of Embedded systems formed by a group of dedicated individuals with experience and drive to excel in the field of embedded systems research. The Centre has been set up for the purpose of conducting cutting edge research in embedded system technology and its application in the domains of Telecom, Avionics , Defence, Automotive and Consumer electronics etc. CFEI intends to promote the highest standards of embedded system technology. Our members wish to set the very foundation by which this goal can be reached and we invite you to become actively involved. This conference will act as a unique catalyst to accelerate the involvement of Indian & International Companies in the area of Embedded Systems. We are looking forward to more, better and newer products and technologies to achieve the technology and nature in harmony.

embedasia 2016 will attract a highly qualified international trade public to India through a number of communication measures tailored to target Companies. It's where great minds come looking for solutions and where solutions come looking for great minds. It is a unique opportunity to surround yourself in an atmosphere of innovative thinking coupled with serious business, with the one thing you simply can't find anywhere else - the power of people networking

Conference Objectives

  • The aim of the conference is to bring together on a single platform, together professionals, academics, industry experts, students, enthusiasts to discuss various emerging trends, innovation, share research results and new directions in the field of Embedded systems in Avionics & Automotive domain.
  • Provide business and technical information on Embedded System on Automotive & Avionics domain.
  • Highlight partnership advantages for efficient product development.
  • Address challenges in scalability of resources for the future Embedded System programs.
  • Developing new business & increasing current business initiatives.
  • Act as the voice of the profession in matters of public concern and assist Government to make the public aware of technological issues.

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